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It's coming.

In the current European system, a patent granted by the EPO becomes a bundle of national patents. European patents have to be maintained nationally and can only be enforced nationally before national courts.

The Unitary Patent System promises a single European patent right (Unitary Patent) with a single annual renewal fee and which can be enforced in the majority of EU states, in a single action, in a single court - the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

As well as centralised enforcement, the UPC will be a venue for challenging Unitary Patents and European patents obtained by the current system. There are many similarities with UPC revocation actions and EPO Oppositions, procedurally and substantively, including EPC law. Advantageously and unlike Oppositions, UPC revocation actions can be filed at any time during the patent lifetime.

We are qualified to have full representation rights before the UPC as well as obtain Unitary Patents for our clients. We know everything there is to know about these new systems and their Rules of Procedure. In particular, our knowledge and experience of the EPO Opposition system best places us for handling UPC revocation actions.